Tax booklet’s boobs bring a £15,000 bill

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TYPING errors mean a council tax booklet went out to homes displaying the wrong figures.

The blunder means Dacorum Borough Council has been forced to send out explanation letters to all 61,000 taxpayers, at a cost of £15,600.

Dacourm Borough Councillor Nick Tiley.

Dacourm Borough Councillor Nick Tiley.

Page four of the booklet, which explains how council tax is calculated, shows the wrong figures for the Herts Police Authority portion of the bill and the wrong figures for five out of eight of the housing bands under the Dacorum Borough Council section of the bill.

Councillor Nick Tiley, who oversees finance and resources, said: “I would like to reassure our residents that the bill itself has the correct information.

He said: “As soon as the error was spotted in the leaflet we arranged for letters to be sent giving the correct figures.

“It is unfortunate that this has happened and I apologise.

“Mistakes do happen and I am pleased that the team involved acted quickly to rectify the error.”

Council chiefs say the cost of printing the letter, envelopes and postage, which went out on Friday, will be offset against the savings made this year by including information in the original council tax bill, which had previously gone out in separate mailings.

This includes a letter notifying customers of a change in the direct debit scheme and a recycling leaflet.

The correct council tax information is available at