Talented Kassie is reaching for the sky as she covers Adele’s hit - aged just eight

A mini songstress who can boast her own music video at the age of eight is hoping to follow in the footsteps of her idol Adele.

Pint-sized popstar in the making Kassie Bannister has wowed her family with her mature-sounding voice since singing along to Incey-Wincey Spider in an operatic style aged just four.

Kassie Bannister

Kassie Bannister

The church choir singer now has hundreds of fans and a video of her singing Adele’s Bond theme song Skyfall has received more than a thousand likes on Youtube.

Schoolgirl Kassie, who lives in Watford but sings at St Peter’s Church in Berkhamsted and attends the Hemel Hempstead Pauline Quirke Arts Academy, says her musical journey has been “surprising”.

She said: “I am really happy about it, it is good fun.

“I like singing in church because it helps me improve my singing, and I have lots of friends there.”

Singer Adele herself has spotted Kassie on the music business radar through her work with the Pauline Quirke Academy.

Kassie said: “She has seen my video and wrote ‘OMG’. It’s really good.”

Kassie’s grandad and film maker Alan Spencer, of Berkhamsted, shot the video near his home and her uncle, a sound recorder, gave her use of his studio, Hyperion in Rickmansworth.

Her mum Sarah said: “Kassie has always had this strong, loud voice, it’s something we have always noticed.

“But when I heard a recording of this amazing voice singing Incey-Wincey Spider, I didn’t believe it was my own daughter.

“It sounded like a 20 year old, not a four year old.

“She loves singing and at her age, having fun is the main thing.”

Check out Kassie’s music and videos on her Facebook page, facebook.com/KassieOfficialMusic. https://www.facebook.com/KassieOfficialMusic