Super-fast broadband: coming soon to Potten End... as long as you don’t live on edge of the village

Potten End
Potten End

Tediously slow internet speeds will be a thing of the past for many in Potten End as BT has pledged to have super-fast broadband installed there by September.

But it’s not good news for everyone, as people living on the edge of the village will be too far from the connection boxes to get the full benefit.

The news was announced at a meeting last night between the villagers, BT and Hemel Hempstead MP Mike Penning.

Mr Penning said: “It was a great meeting with a huge turnout from the residents of the village.

“I was so proud of the village. When I called the meeting it was in response to a massive response to a survey about the quality of broadband in the village.

“But I had no idea that everyone would turn out in such massive numbers and by working together with the parish council we have achieved a great result.”