Sue’s tarantula test to fund signs

A tourist attraction’s education manager says she will hold a hairy, scary tarantula spider if she can raise £500 for her unusual cause.

Sue Woolnough is putting her phobias on the line to get brown tourist signs for Frogmore Paper Mill and Visitor Centre in Apsley, Hemel Hempstead.

“I am acclimatising with plastic spiders and by looking at some pretty horrendous pictures,” said Ms Woolnough. “We badly need the signs. Even people living nearby don’t know we are here because we are tucked away.”

But the signs are expensive for the venues and even the application to ask if some can be put them costs money.

Sue believes the effort will be worth it to conquer her own fears and to get more people to visit the paper mill. Currently about 12,000 people see round the historic site, which is home to machinery that revolutionised the printing industry, each year.

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