Students sleep over to save The Swan

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YOUNGSTERS did their bit to save their struggling youth centre by going to sleep.

The 13- to 15-year-olds paid £5 each to join a sleep-over at The Swan Youth Centre in Berkhamsted between 8pm, Friday and 10am, Saturday.

Clare Muir, coordinator of the High Street hub, said: “They ate all through the night and many didn’t sleep at all. They tucked into Pot Noodle, toasted sandwiches, everything.

“I stayed awake all night cooking pizzas. We had a mad rush for them at 3am when everybody got peckish.”

She said the 36 participants raised £180 to help the centre host summer activities, which have included trips to Thorpe Park and activity weeks.

It also provides an after-school club for 12- to 18-year-olds and is the meeting place of the Swan Skaters scateboarding club and Berkhamsted Youth Town Council.

But finding £50,000-or-so per year to fund the hub is getting harder.

Clare said: “We have probably got less than a year’s funding left.

“We are trying desperately to keep the place open. We keep applying for lottery grants and being rejected.”

She said there could be future Swan sleep-overs.

To volunteer, donate or find out more about The Swan, phone Clare on 07941 470066.