Students see wonders of Icelandic world

Berkhamsted School students during a Easter trip to Iceland.
Berkhamsted School students during a Easter trip to Iceland.
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THIRTY geography students flew to Iceland during their Easter break – and this year made it back in time for the next school term.

Students’ return from the 2010 Berkhamsted School trip to the Arctic country was delayed after Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano began erupting during their stay.

During their latest five-day visit, they witnessed the Northern Lights, went whale watching and spent a day visiting some of Iceland’s most famous geographical attractions.

These included Geysir, the hot spring, and Gulfoss, the biggest waterfall in Northern Europe.

They were also taken to one of Eyjafjallajokull’s glaciers, which showed the extent of the flooding following the eruption in the southern part of the island.

Geography teacher Julia Hughes said: “The glacier is still moving and retreating, but we really began to appreciate the size and impact of the eruption two years ago.

“Despite large amounts of ash still covering the lunar-like landscape, we were fascinated by the amount of vegetation beginning to cultivate the area.”

Students returned from the trip on Friday, April 13.

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