Student ID badges stop intruder risk

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SCHOOL pupils will be issued ID badges to prevent intruders going onto grounds without being noticed by staff.

Tring School will join a number of schools in the borough that are bringing in the safety measure, and will be handing out badges to sixth form students to wear around their necks when they return in September.

Deputy headteacher Andy Hencken said that the school had not had any problems with trespassers but it was a necessary precaution.

He said: “We have more students changing schools in the area for their classes so we don’t know all of the children as well as we did previously, not to mention the fact the sixth formers don’t wear uniform.”

The identity badges will be worn by sixth form students and teachers at Tring School and they will simply be colour coded to indicate which school the person attends.

The school investigated a variety of systems used by other establishments and opted for the low-cost option, which will be produced by the school.

Mr Hencken said: “We decided against electronic swipe cards that have been taken up by other schools because our school building is too old for systems like that to be put in place.”