Steering wheel thefts from two BMWs parked in same area in one night sparks police warning

BMW steering wheel
BMW steering wheel

Police are issuing advice to people on how to keep their cars safe after two steering wheels were stolen from BMWs in the same area in one night.

Offenders broke into the rear of a car that was parked on a Charles Street driveway in Berkhamsted between 7pm on Tuesday and 8am yesterday in the first theft.

The second was from a parked car in nearby Doctor’s Commons Road. Offenders broke into the vehicle at some point between 8.30pm on Tuesday and 5.30pm yesterday.

The steering column was also stolen from the two cars.

Both thefts are being investigated by police. If you have information on either one, phone Sgt Peter Huffer on 01707 354192, quoting reference D2/14/459 for the first and D2/14/460 for the second.

Alternatively, call independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Police have also issued the following advice about vehicle security:

– It might sound obvious, but make sure you lock the doors and shut the windows and sunroof whenever you leave your vehicle unattended.

– Never leave any valuables in your vehicle – not even in the glove-box or boot – and keep ALL other possessions out of sight. Even if you know that there is nothing valuable in your coat pocket or bag left on the back seat, a thief may try their luck.

– Look out for car parks with a Secured Car Park sign, which have recognised levels of security. If you have a garage at home, make sure you use it and lock it properly.

– If you keep your car on the drive, you could consider having a ‘dusk-til-dawn’ security light fitted at the front of your house – thieves don’t like to be illuminated.

– Noisy gravel on your drive can help deter a would-be thief, as they don’t want to alert you to their approach.

Further information on vehicle security can be found here