Stark campaign launches to help avoid car crash heartache

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A Valentine’s-inspired road safety campaign hopes to avoid the heartache of traffic tragedies.

Herts County Council is aiming to educate young men about the number of people injured or killed on the county’s roads.

Highways and transport cabinet member Stuart Pile said: ““Last year alone in Hertfordshire there were 2,650 accidents, resulting in 356 people being seriously injured or dying. Many of them were avoidable.

“The impact on the lives of family, friends and you from a road collision can be devastating. Would you willingly inflict pain and distress on yourself, someone you love, or a complete stranger?”

The heartfelt campaign, featuring online adverts, will run up to February 14, with posters in pubs and clubs displayed for a further fortnight.

Both elements aim to remind motorists that driving carelessly can have tragic consequences, and that they also hold the lives of their passengers in their hands.

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