Speed sign to help slow ‘nightmare’ road traffic

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A SPEED warning sign is to be installed at a ‘nightmare’ junction where drivers are said to take their lives into their own hands to get on to a main road.

A 30mph logo will flash at speeding drivers going towards Berkhamsted on the A416 through Ashley Green just before the crossroads with Hogg Lane and Two Dells Lane.

The move comes after years of campaigning from village leaders.

Ashley Green Parish Council chairman David Natali said: “I have been banging the drum about this for ages, and so have my predecessors.

“It has been like this forever and the traffic gets heavier and heavier.

“You take your life into your hands there to get into the main road. It is a dangerous nightmare.”

He hopes the £7,800 device will slow drivers, who he says travel at up to 60mph on the A416. It will be paid for by Bucks County Council and the parish council.

Mr Natali said the village speed camera was in the wrong place, slowing drivers after they have passed the crossroads as they leave the village rather than before.