Spectacular water leak in Potten End

Major water burst in  Potten End, January 2013
Major water burst in Potten End, January 2013

Experts are frantically trying to fix a ‘spectacular’ Potten End water leak that began earlier today.

Onlooker Joe Kearney, who snapped these photos, said: “There’s been a spectacular water leak.

“It started at about midday at the far end of Vicarage Road. The water company is in attendance.”

Affinity Water spokesperson Kevin Barton said: “We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused to customers by a burst on a three-inch distribution pipe today.

“Affinity Water technicians arrived on site at 2.00pm to shut down the main and begin repairs, which affected approximately 50 properties.

“No damage has been reported at this time.

“It is expected that the repairs will be complete by the end of the day and we would like to thank our customers for their patience.”


Mr Barton today said: “The repair was complete by 5.00pm.

“Water main bursts are a regular occurrence wherever water is supplied, throughout the world.

“There are many different factors which can cause these to happen, such as ground movement caused by seasonal temperature changes, extreme cold weather, high pressures through pipes, traffic vibrations, unavoidable weak points and where pipe work is connected to joints and valves.

“The condition of the water mains can also be a factor. Ageing iron pipes are vulnerable to corrosive clay soils and earth movement.”