Speaker’s Corner: Pavilion is next on OUR agenda for YOUR Hemel

Speaker's Corner: Howard Koch
Speaker's Corner: Howard Koch

All these road works, there must be an election coming soon! How long have we waited in Hemel Hempstead to have the pot holes repaired?

It is amazing that six months before the council is up for election the tarmac is flowing. Let us not forget how much motorists contribute to the economy via tax and that the road tax licence is supposed to fund the roads.

UKIP now has an MP, and by the time you read this we might even have another. This is a major achievement, and we want to say ‘thank you’ to all those voters who have made this possible.

We are now a mainstream political party and if the political commentators are right, we might see many more defections to UKIP in the coming months.

When does 1+1 = 3? When the chancellor of the exchequer tries to explain why the UK has to repay £850 million to the EU. Let us be clear, the amount was never £1.7 billion, this included our rebate. We are being told this is a great victory, but no one believes it for a moment.

The money being paid should be spent on this county – nurses pay rise, pensions etc, not given to the EU so they can waste it! No amount of spin can ever make up for this travesty, the British electorate is fed up being taken for a ride by the liblabcon and the EU.

UKIP is helping make important changes to our great county, not only nationally but locally too. It is impossible to prove beyond any reasonable doubt, but we in UKIP Hemel Hempstead feel that we were instrumental in stopping the Little Hay landfill.

The local pressure group had been involved for about 18 months before asking us (after our landslide victory in the Euro elections) for help. After only about four months the landfill was shelved. This is a major victory for; the local community , the environment and not to mention that 75 lorries per day for 18 months have been prevented from gridlocking our roads.

We are now taking on local issues. Our latest project is the Pavilion, or lack of it. We feel very strongly that a town as big as Hemel Hempstead should have an arts centre. Of course there have been promises from those in power, but they have not come to anything.

The latest public information released by Dacorum council suggested that it has decided there will not be a new Pavilion, and there will be no public consultation either.

Well UKIP Hemel Hempstead is now on the case! Please visit out website and complete the online survey. We can and will make a difference.

The council has a plan to build 10 ,000 new homes in Hemel Hempstead. Many of these new homes are being built on green belt land.

Nine hundred of these homes (LA3) are being built between Pouchen End Lane, Chaulden and Fields End. We are holding an open meeting tonight at 7.30pm in the St Georges United Reform Church, School Row, Chaulden, HP1 2HX.

This is an open meeting to discuss what we plan to do to stop this development. UKIP’s position is that we oppose the building of homes on green belt land. This can be stopped so why not come along and have your say.

Together we can make a difference, and by standing for Dacorum elections next year we can control the destiny of your town, Hemel Hempstead.