SOLD: former home of Berkhamsted Police Station snapped up by a mystery buyer

The former Berkhamsted Police Station.
The former Berkhamsted Police Station.

The former home of Berkhamsted police station is in the process of being sold to a mystery buyer.

A sign that has appeared outside of the property says it has been ‘acquired for clients’ by estate agent Adrian Cole & Partners.

The estate agents – which has branches in Berkhamsted and Tring – said the building was bought a week ago, but that no further information could be provided at this stage.

But this website understands that the completion date for the purchase of the property – which sits between the High Street and Kings Road – is next Friday.

A 95-page development brief on what should be done with the property was drawn up by unpaid volunteers from community group B-Hive last year.

The document – based on public opinion garnered during a town consultation at Berkhamsted Civic Centre – was handed to potential buyers by Herts Police as part of the sale process.

It could be used to decide whether planning permission for a new development on the site should be granted.

B-Hive leader John Bell said: “We are arranging to meet with the purchasers at the moment. They have given us quite a lot of information.”

B-Hive has been told the name of the developers, what they plan to do with the site, what other land they plan to buy, their principles, and what else they have bought in Berkhamsted.

Mr Bell cryptically added that he has also been told ‘a little bit about the political connections they have got – or otherwise’. But he refused to be drawn further on the matter.

The former police station has been empty for more than two years and was originally put on the market in early 2012 – only to be later withdrawn.

It was put back on the market in late October.