Skate park floodlight scheme still on a roll

12-701   Swan project skateboarding lessons at Canal Fields, Berkhamsted.
12-701 Swan project skateboarding lessons at Canal Fields, Berkhamsted.

Youngsters are hunting for the £2,500 that will allow them to continue using a skate park as the nights get longer.

The Berkhamsted Skate Park in Canal Fields is used by lots of youngsters everyday during summer months.

But in winter, as it gets darker earlier, it becomes harder for them to skateboard after school finishes.

Berkhamsted Youth Town Council has begun a campaign to raise the £3,640 it will cost to install a floodlight at the site that will stay on until 10pm.

Clerk Clare Muir said: “We did want it raised and erected by October, but we are a bit behind.

“But the young people are working hard to achieve it and they will achieve it. It will just take a few months longer than expected.”

The youth council has so far raised £1,375 for the project, and more than £2,500 in grants from organisations including Berkhamsted Town Council.

The young politicians have been given planning permission to install the light, and now hope to have it up-and-running by the beginning of the new year.

Clare said: “They can’t use the skate park very much at all at the moment, because by the time they finish school and get down there, it’s too dark.

“The floodlight will allow them to participate much more in a really positive, healthy pastime.”

The youth council previously conducted a survey of Berkhamsted’s young people, which found that many did not feel safe at the skate park after dark.

Concerns have also been concerned about anti-social behaviour taking place there under the cover of darkness – which the youth council hopes the light will prevent.