She’s got it all sewn up! Eight year old’s brilliant creations to go on display at gallery

Annelies Struthers, eight, with her art work which is in hot demand
Annelies Struthers, eight, with her art work which is in hot demand

An artistic eight-year-old who creates unique pieces of art on her sewing machine is exhibiting in a seaside gallery.

Annelies Struthers, of Felden, first starting sewing at the age of four and sat on a footstool because her foot wouldn’t reach the pedals, but now she creates art to order.

Her seaside collection of six beach-themed pieces will be exhibited for sale at The Twizzle Gallery at Titchmarsh Marina, near her grandparents’ house in Frinton-On-Sea in Essex.

The Two Waters Primary School, Apsley, pupil has followed in the footsteps of her mother Saskia, who runs sewing and upholstery classes through her business, Dottybobbin.Annelies, who lives with mum Saskia, 42, dad Derek, 43 and 10-year-old brother Sam, said: “My favourite thing to sew is doll’s clothes.

“I like sewing because it’s fun, and I hope I sell all my pictures but if I don’t, I don’t mind because I would like to keep some for my bedroom wall!”

Annelies sewed her first piece of art – a stitched version of The Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover – as part of a homework project, but then got the idea to create the six seaside pieces to sell after visiting her grandparents so she could save up for an iPad

Now the creative youngster is working on another piece for a distant family friend in Brazil and has set up her own blog, Bambino Bobbin, where she uploads videos of sewing demonstrations to encourage others to give it a go.

Proud mum Saskia, who gave up her job as a finance manager to sew full time, said: “It gives her self esteem a boost and it’s a skill that she can carry through life.

“It makes me really happy to see her doing something she enjoys. My husband and I value teaching our kids creative outlets which helps them to manage stress and at the same time teaching them the value of money.

“We are very proud of Annelies!”

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