Selling cuppas pays for hospital’s state-of-the-art portable scanner

Ultrasound machine donation by the Watford Hospital's League of Friends.
Ultrasound machine donation by the Watford Hospital's League of Friends.

Selling cuppas has paid for a state-of-the-art ultrasound scanner for the intensive care unit at Watford General Hospital.

The equipment, worth £48,000, has been donated by Watford Hospital’s League of Friends.

It will be used at the bedsides of patients to quickly identify problems and help with diagnosis.

The hand-held scanner also has a customisable touch screen that provides a quicker service than traditional ultrasound equipment.

Intensive care matron at Watford General Hospital Alison East said: “On behalf of the intensive care team, I would like to thank the League of Friends for their generous donation.

“This innovative machine brings brilliant touch screen technology to the patients’ bedside allowing more procedures to be done on the unit. It is an invaluable contribution from our voluntary services which will make a huge difference to both our patients and the critical care team.”

Watford Hospital’s League of Friends raises hundreds of thousands of pounds every year to buy medical equipment through its tea shop and tea bar at the hospital.

Vice chairman Mavis Tyrwhitt said: “It gives us much pleasure to be able to fund and present this ultrasound scanner to the intensive care unit. The team on the unit are very busy looking after patients who are extremely unwell so we know how valuable this machine will be to them.”