‘Sell my home to cure disease’ – plea by unwell Kings Langley man who took his own life


A man who suffered from a string of physical and mental health problems took his own life in order to escape his pain, an inquest heard this morning.

Barry Victor Feist, of Barnes Rise, Kings Langley, was discovered dead by police on August 12 last year when they were alerted to concerns over his welfare. The 41-year-old had missed a hospital appointment which was unlike him.

Mr Feist regularly attended St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London as he had various medical conditions relating to immune deficiency and hip pain. He had also spent a brief spell in hospital under section two of the Mental Health Act in 2012, and had experienced delusions.

Though he had been provided with care from a community mental health team, he had not had any contact with them since the January prior to his death, after failing to get back in touch following a holiday in Thailand.

His body was discovered in the untidy bedroom of his village home, along with an iPad displaying a note with instructions to sell his property in order to help find a cure for the “terrible diseases” he was suffering. The message also indicated he “could not carry on living like this.”

According to coroner Edward Thomas, a postmortem examination revealed that natural disease did not cause Mr Feist’s death, but that a cream-coloured liquid in his stomach was indicative of dissolved tablet contents.

A toxicology report found no alcohol in his blood, but although there were therapeutic levels of his medication present, the concentration of one substance in particular in his system was enough to be fatal independently.

Mr Thomas recorded the cause of Mr Feist’s death as toxicity, and added: “Having seen the note on his iPad, I conclude that he took his own life.”