Second McDonald’s road accident in days as another car plummets down A41 embankment

A car left the A41 bypass and ended up in McDonald’s car park last night - for the second time in just a few days.

The silver Peugeot 206 left the road on the northbound carriageway at Bourne End at around 5pm last night before plummeting down the embankment and coming to a stop in the Drive Thru area of the fast food restaurant.

Fire and ambulance services were called to the scene at 5.16pm after it was reported a female was injured. Both a rapid response vehicle and an ambulance attended the scene, where it’s believed two people were inside the car.

A spokesperson from the East of England ambulance service said: “We were called to the scene to treat two patients, and I believe that we transported one of the patients to Watford General Hospital for further treatment.”

Spokesperson for Herts police Sarah Spence said: “Highways were called because of the barrier issues, and the vehicle recovery was complete by 7.15pm.”

She confirmed police had dealt with the incident by 7.25pm.

Last week a man in his 30s required hospital treatment for neck and back injuries after his vehicle left the A41 in the same spot, before coming down the embankment and landing on its roof.