Scores targeted by cash card cloning in Tring

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People in Tring have reportedly had hundreds of pounds stolen from their bank accounts amid fears that a ATM in the area is being targeted for cash card cloning.

Concerns were raised on the Everything Tring Facebook page in a post by Gemma Beckingham, who had £103 taken from her account at 11.20pm on Thursday.

Her post got scores of responses from people who have had the same problem, with many saying that the cash was withdrawn in Columbia.

Neighbourhood police sergeant for Berkhamsted and Tring Peter Huffer said: “Incidents of this nature are reported to Action Fraud. They can be contacted on 0300 1232040.

“They are the national service for collecting reports. Where a fraud or scam has taken place that’s based in another country, there may be incidents in different parts of the UK.

“Action Fraud will collect reports to see where there is a common denominator, which could identify lines of enquiry.”

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