School pays tribute to Churchill’s daughter

Lady Mary Soames
Lady Mary Soames

Berkhamsted School has paid tribute to Lady Mary Soames who died on Saturday, aged 91.

Lady Soames was the last surviving child of Sir Winston Churchill and his wife Clementine, who was herself a pupil at the school from 1900 to 1903.

Lady Soames had maintained a connection with the school and was a patron of the Berkhamsted Foundation.

The school’s principal Mark Steed, said: “We are deeply grateful to the contribution by Lady Soames in supporting The Berkhamsted Foundation in its efforts to create sustainable and long-term funding to invest and build for present and future generations.

“She led a fascinating life and met many famous people. I asked Lady Soames who she had found the most interesting and she replied, ‘Lawrence of Arabia was charming; he used to get up early and help with the feeding of my animals’.”

Lady Soames opened Churchill Hall, named in her mother’s honour, atBerkhamsted Preparatory School in October 1999.