Salute to former MP Robin kicks off Piccotts End blue plaque project

Piccotts End Hertiage Plaques.
Piccotts End Hertiage Plaques.

Members of a residents association hope to decorate their village with up to 10 heritage plaques.

The first of the plaques funded by the Piccotts End Residents Association has already been placed on the home of Lady Val Corbett, widow to the former Hemel Hempstead MP Lord Robin Corbett of Castlevale, to commemorate his 46 years in the area.

Robin had also acted as chairman of the residents association during his time in the village.

Jonathon Culverhouse, a member of the group and editor of the village website, said: “This is the first thing we have done of this sort, because we think heritage is important to village communities and culture in general.

“A lot of us knew Robin personally and were very sad to hear of his death last year. We thought we would like to do something to commemorate his life and association with Piccotts End.”

Val said: “Getting the plaque was a joyful day, it wasn’t sad at all as we had champagne and a lot of laughs.

“He absolutely loved this place, he said he would never leave it and he never did. The residents association were wonderful to think of us, and hopefully all the people walking down will see a little bit of history.”

The group now has a whole series of blue plaques planned for the village, with between six and 10 houses already earmarked. The plaques, costing around £100 each, are funded entirely by the residents association.