Safety advice is issued ahead of weekend’s double fire strike

Householders are being urged not to light candles and to take other safety precautions as firefighters prepare to strike again.

The walkout is set to happen tomorrow between 6pm and 10pm and between the same times on Saturday evening in the continuing government row over pensions.

Ahead of the action under the Fire Brigades Union, Herts County Council has issued safety advice. It urges people to check that their smoke alarm is working, plan fire escape routes, avoid lighting candles, don’t leave cigarettes burning, unplug any unused electrical items, switch off portable heaters when leaving the room and do no leave hot pans unattended.

For those heading out and about county chiefs say drivers should watch their speed and the distance between their vehicle and others.

Motorcyclists should ensure they’re wearing the right safety gear and that they’re clearly visible to others.

Motorists should also check that their vehicle’s brakes, tyres, lights, wipers and washers are in good condition.

Pedestrians should cross the road at the safest place possible, such as a zebra, pelican, puffin or other patrolled crossings.

At work people should turn off all lights and equipment that do not need to be left on, check fire extinguishers are correctly sited and serviced and make sure everyone knows how to evacuate quickly and safely.

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