Royal Mail can’t confirm whether job cuts will affect Hemel Hempstead workers

Royal Mail can not say at this stage whether job losses announced yesterday will affect those based at the Hemel Hempstead super mail centre.

Although the cuts will not impact on frontline postmen and women, the group’s operational and head office managers are in the firing line.

The postal firm announced yesterday that around 1,300 jobs will be slashed with about 300 new or enhanced roles created.

Spokesman Sally Hopkins said: “As this is just the start of the consultation, there is no further detail on exactly where the job losses will be. However, you will note that the vast majority of employees impacted will be in Royal Mail Group’s operational and head office management population and postmen and women will not be impacted.

“We cannot speculate on what the outcome of the consultation may or may not be, but when there is any further update, we will announce it accordingly.”

The cost-cutting is expected to deliver an annual saving of around £50 million.

Royal Mail has commenced a formal consultation with unions Unite and CWU on the proposed staff cuts.

The firm said it is committed to conducting the consultation ‘carefully’ and sensitively’.

Chief executive Moya Greene said: “We are continuously improving our efficiency, whilst maintaining our high quality of service. We need to do so in order to effectively compete in the letters and parcels markets. This is the best way to ensure the continued delivery of the universal service and the good quality jobs we provide for our people.”