Road contractor Ringway must do more to improve, agree councillors

Ringway in action repairing potholes.
Ringway in action repairing potholes.

The way that our roads are maintained and fixed will be put under the spotlight again following a full council debate about ongoing issues with contractor Ringway.

During Tuesday’s summit Terry Douris - the councillor who oversees highways - admitted that: “Some aspects aren’t working as well as they could and we’re working hard to put them right.”

The highways maintenance contract with Ringway began in October last year - soon after they were given a warning notice for poor performance after a backlog of repairs built up.

Councillor Douris said: “We’re a year into the new contract and we do still have some concerns.”

Frustrations have been raised about the way enquiries from the public and county councillors have been dealt with, including delays to works and some reported faults being closed when work has not been carried out.

A cross-party scrutiny meeting on Thursday, December 12, will further examine the issues - this is on top of ongoing monthly reviews of the service.

Liberal Democrat opposition spokesman on highways, Councillor Stephen Giles-Medhurst, described the Conservative admission that improvements are needed as a ‘breakthrough’. “Finally, after literally hundreds of problems have been raised with the management team by myself and my colleagues the Conservatives have accepted that things must change,” he said.