Riding high as half-term pony week draws to a close

Children were invited to groom and ride cute ponies during four days of half-term fun at a home for abandoned animals.

The creatures at Two Oaks Pony Sanctuary in Darr’s Lane, Northchurch, are often malnourished or mistreated when they are found by owner Carol Houlihan. She then helps nurse them back into good health.

The centre is home to 13 ponies, two horses, 70 chickens, two pigs and other animals. Children were invited to take a look around it from Tuesday to today during their half-term week off school.

Miss Houlihan said: “They got to groom the ponies, clean out their stables, make their beds and ride them – they all had a great time.”

You can find out more about Two Oaks Pony Sanctuary by clicking here. To donate towards the sanctuary or ask questions about it, phone Miss Houlihan on 01442 300872.