Request for more cash to deal with pothole woes

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Highways chiefs will be requesting emergency funding to deal with potholes, following plunging temperatures and the wettest weather on record.

Councillor Stuart Pile, who oversees highways and transport, revealed that rain, snow and cold snaps are causing severe damage to roads.

He said: “This year is significantly worse. We will be writing to the secretary of state to ask if he will be giving emergency funding to local authorities to deal with these problems.”

Highways contractor Ringway has previously come under fire for its slow response to pothole problems, but Mr Pile said the firm is back on track.

“We were disappointed, I think Ringway were disappointed that we didn’t get on top of things quicker but the problem is now under control,” he said.

The transport secretary has previously released funds to help councils deal with potholes after severe winters.

Motorists can report potholes online at