Reporting on county show has changed

Bucks County Show. Picture by Heather Jan Brunt
Bucks County Show. Picture by Heather Jan Brunt

Tomorrow (Thursday) is Bucks County Show day and it’s the 150th show, so one of the exhibits at the Weedon Park showground will be a fascinating look at Farming Through The Ages which should provide an intriguing insight into how food production has changed over the years.

But its not only farming that has changed in that time. The way we cover and report on the show has also changed enormously.

I haven’t quite covered all 150 shows personally! But I have been to a fair few in my long career as a journalist.

When I first attended the show as young trainee journalist it was based at Hartwell in the grounds of the beautiful house, which provided a beautiful setting. Back then we were using typewriters and I worked alongside two senior reporters and two photographers. Our typed copy and the rolls of film were collected and taken back to the office regularly throughout the day.

Now of course the show is covered immediately via social media as well as in the paper by a much smaller team.

In fact in recent years I have been run ragged on show day, being the only person sent to cover it from our office. Working alone from the minute the showground opened to well into the evening, I have interviewed hordes of people and taken pictures of livestock, horses and main ring attractions to fill up to four pages of the paper afterwards with a very fulsome report of the show.

Now I no longer work on the news team, I assume one of my colleagues will be covering the show tomorrow for a report in next week’s paper. But in my role as the entertainment reporter I wrote a big preview of the show last week and a reminder this week, and I will be going along to this year’s show to work with Bucks TV doing filmed reports. One of the things I am most looking forward to is seeing The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment performing their musical ride in the main ring, and having checked it out on YouTube, it looks pretty impressive.