Relief convoy on camera

Mobashar Hassan
Mobashar Hassan
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A FILM company from Hemel Hempstead travelled to the Indus Valley in Pakistan in a relief convoy for flood victims.

Three colleagues from Karakoori Productions, based in Longlands, joined 18 other Brits heading to the region, which has been hit hard by floods, in the convoy made up of 10 donated British ambulances.

The First Aid team passing through Turkey

The First Aid team passing through Turkey

The company’s co-founder Mobashar Hassan and his team joined the convoy to document the journey it took across Europe and the Middle East and what they found when it reached the Indus Valley.

He said: “I was approached by the organisers of Mercy Worldwide and when they spoke to me about their mission it was heart-warming.

“I spoke to the convoy leader Amer Nazir and his passion played a major factor in my decision of filming this.

“At the end for me it was the excitement and adventure of filming a road trip to the Indus Valley in an ambulance and then in the name of charity that really pushed me on.”

The venture, called The Aid Team, was organised by charity Mercy World to bring aid to the valley and was staffed entirely by volunteers.

Leaving Luton on August 14 last year, the team flew back to the UK on September 20 following their journey, which took them through 10 countries.

Mobashar undertook the journey with colleagues Mojid Kabiri and Khurum Khan.

He added: “I was emotional, it made me realise how ungrateful we are as people as there are others out there who are dying of hunger and do not have a roof over their heads.

“It was overwhelming and made me realise these people still need help.

“The amazing part was how humble some of the victims were, knowing they have nothing and having lost so much, they still had a smile on their face and met us with open arms.

“The victims were overwhelmed and it was at this point we realised that we have achieved something special in our lives.”

The documentary created by Mobashar and Karakoori Productions is called Road to Indus Valley and has been filmed in both English and Urdu.

The team is looking for a suitable way to make the full film available, but in the meantime a promo version can be found online in both languages on video sharing site youtube.

The English version of the promo video can be found at

The Urdu version is at