‘Re-house me while flooding mess is fixed’

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A DISABLED man has hit out at council chiefs after he was told to stay with his carer while repairs are carried out following a burst pipe in his home.

Adam Dobie, who suffers with multiple sclerosis and other health problems, wants the council to re-house him while the work is carried out at his one bedroom flat.

He returned to his home in Loxley Road, Berkhamsted, on Sunday morning to discover burst pipes in the kitchen had flooded the ground floor council-owned property.

“It is absolutely saturated with water,” said the 42-year-old, who does not work due to his poor health.

“They want me to stay with my carer but she has only got a three bedroom house. She has got two children and her eldest daughter living with her.

“It is not fair on her to have to put me up.

“I can’t stay in a wet flat. It is damp, it is horrible and it smells.”

Mr Dobie, who has lived in the flat for more than three years, does not have contents insurance and says much of his furniture has been ruined.

“I just didn’t get any [insurance], I just didn’t think about it,” he said.

Mr Dobie usually stays with his carer three times a week, from Friday to Sunday, when he sleeps on a mattress in the lounge.

Fiona Williamson from Dacorum Borough Council’s property department said: “We do not comment on individual cases.

“If a tenant reports a water leak, we will repair it within one day and provide dehumidifiers. Where a boiler is affected and can not be repaired, we will provide the tenant with temporary heaters and an immersion so that hot water is available until new heating can be installed.

“We are committed to keeping the tenant informed at all stages.

“We would only provide temporary accommodation in the event of an emergency and where the tenant is unable to make alternative arrangements.

“We advise tenants to take out their own household insurance.”