Rats invade: ‘I can’t afford to feed them too!’

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RATS which have reduced a hard-up mother to despair are her problem, says her landlord.

June Brown lives in Glamis Place, Hemel Hempstead, with her daughter and two sons – but rats have been plaguing her home, and the homes of two of June’s neighbours, for weeks now.

June said: “My neighbours and I have been infested.

“You can hear them scurrying about. They get on the side, eating my bread and other food. I can’t afford to feed them too!

“You can always hear scratching when you’re sat in the living room.”

Glamis Place sits next to the Nickey Line and woodland, which is likely to have contributed to the problem.

June spoke with her landlord housing association Hightown, who initially told her that she would need to speak to Dacorum Borough Council.

She said: “The council then told me that it was Hightown that needed to sort the problem out.

“When I went back to them I was told I’d need to pay £45 to have it sorted. I can’t afford to pay that.

“We keep the property clean and don’t invite them in.”

A spokesman for Hightown said: “Hightown’s tenants are responsible for pest control in and around their homes, as is clearly stated in our tenants’ handbook.

“Where a resident has a problem with rats, we advise them to remove any sources of food that might be attracting them.

“Where a number of properties are affected we encourage the community to work together to keep their neighbourhood clean and to employ the services of a professional pest controller.

“The homes in Glamis Place are close to the Nickey Line, so this advice is particularly relevant to them.

“In the meantime Hightown has arranged for contractors to visit some of the properties to block up any gaps where vermin might be able to enter the homes.”