Public react with disgust to news of 11 animal deaths after poor care on farm

White House Farm
White House Farm

Animal lovers say it is ‘disgusting’ that seven horses, a goat and three dogs were left in such poor conditions that they had to be destroyed after a raid.

The RSPCA swooped on White House Farm – which is based on the Hemel Hempstead Road near Redbourn – on Tuesday and Wednesday last week.

White House Farm PNL-141021-112121001

White House Farm PNL-141021-112121001

Staff from the animal welfare charity took 40 dogs, three horses and a cat into their care during the course of the two days.

But other animals – including horses, goats, chickens and dogs – remain on the site. Advice has been provided on their care.

Rosemary Scott, who looks after horses at a nearby location in Gaddesden Lane, Redbourn, said: “I think it’s disgusting if that’s the case. It’s terrible. You should not have animals if you cannot look after them properly.

“I do not like it when people are cruel to animals. That’s awful - absolutely dreadful, and it makes me shiver.”

Fellow animal-lover Lesley Sunderland, who saw the raid as it was happening, said she was ‘horrified’.

She said: “There’s no reason to have lots of dogs and animals if people cannot look after them. Why do they do it?”

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