Pub staff’s tea-rific idea eases road rage during Water End standstill


Staff at a Water End pub used their initiative to make some hot drinks sales during heavy rush-hour traffic on Thursday.

Frustrated motorists stuck in gridlock through the village, near Hemel Hempstead, were offered teas and coffees for just £1 by workers from The Red Lion pub, as they sat in their cars.

There were heavy road delays through Dacorum after a heavy goods vehicle overturned on the M1 northbound just north of Junction 8, closing all four lanes.

Red Lion general manager Andy Crutcher said: “One of our assistant managers working at the time saw the traffic was building up just outside and people were getting a bit exasperated out there. We took the initiative to sell them hot drinks and quite a few people took us up on it.”

The idea made around £30-35 for the pub.