Princess Diana photographer backs campaign to beat bowel cancer

David Levenson, 54
David Levenson, 54

An award-winning photographer from Berkhamsted who shot some of the most iconic photos of Princess Diana is urging people to talk about bowel cancer.

David Levenson, 54, whose photography books have topped the Sunday Times Bestsellers lists, was diagnosed with the disease in May last year.

He is now supporting the charity Beating Bowel Cancer, which is aiming to break down the taboo surrounding the condition and get people talking about symptoms.

David, who beat the disease with surgery, said: “It took three visits to three different GPs before my being sent for blood tests to determine the reason for my symptoms.

“Everyone’s the same when it comes to cancer.

“It’s a subject no one wants to confront; you think it’s a condition which always happens to someone else.

“Most people only hear about the worst possible scenarios about cancer, but if you get treated early enough, it should be possible to recover fully.

“I’ve been extremely lucky as mine was diagnosed relatively early, giving me the best possible chances of survival.

“That’s why I want to urge as many people as possible to seek help if their symptoms persist. It’s important to remember that the mild discomfort of physical examination is nothing compared to what you’d face if it’s left untreated.”

Beating Bowel Cancer is promoting the message that bowel cancer, bums and poo are nothing to be embarrassed about.

The charity says learning the symptoms and acting on them could mean the difference between life and death.

More than 90 per cent of people can be treated successfully if diagnosed in the early stages.

Beating Bowel Cancer chief executive Mark Flannagan said: “Our Lift the Lid campaign in April is a great opportunity to get people talking to raise awareness of the condition and its symptoms. By talking about bowel cancer we make a real difference in the fight against it.”

To learn more, click here or here or call the charity on 08450 719 300.