Pregnant teen accused of helping boyfriend run website selling thousands of controlled drugs


A pregnant teenager helped her boyfriend run a website business selling thousands and thousands of Class C controlled drugs, a jury has heard.

Amber Blamey was involved in packing the orders placed by bodybuilders from the address she shared with Jamil Rashid in Hemel Hempstead, it was alleged.

At St Albans Crown Court on Tuesday, prosecutor Michael Shaw said: “This wasn’t the sale of a few pills down the gym. This was a well-organised highly-professional scheme to purchase drugs, mainly from abroad. They would label, package and re-sell them illegally on the UK market.”

He said thousands and thousands of class C drugs such as human growth hormones, testosterone and illegal steroids were sold via a website called – based in Mexico which has now been taken down.

Medicines that can only be supplied by a licensed prescriber were also being sold, he said.

In December 2012 Rashid, now aged 31, was stopped driving a high performance sports car, a Nissan GTR, in Washington Drive, Hemel Hempstead. He told the officers that a blister pack found in the pocket on the driver’s door was Viagra, but that was not what was written on the pack and he was arrested.

He gave the officers his parents’ address in Bradley Road, Luton. That home was searched, but nothing was found. The police traced him to two addresses in Hemel Hempstead.

Mr Shaw said a one-bed flat in Saturn Way, Hemel, was rented in a false name by Rashid and was being used to receive the drugs and chemicals. The couple were distributing the drugs from their address in Wood Lane End. In a text message to Rashid, Blamey is alleged to have said: “Muggins here sits tubbin up your tablets, capping and bagging...”

Blamey, 19, of Wood End Lane, Hemel, denies being concerned in offering to supply Class C drugs between April 16 and December 2 2012.

In a statement made to the police on her arrest, she said she only stayed at Rashid’s address on odd occasions.

The case continues.