Poorly Hemel Hempstead pensioner’s anguish after noise police snatch his telly

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A virtually housebound pensioner says cruel council chiefs have taken away his only link to the outside world – his television.

Poorly Peter Keen, who suffers from the heart condition angina and rarely ventures outside, says three burly council workers and a police officer came to his Bennetts End home and took his two televisions as well as a stereo system.

“I’m practically housebound, the only thing I have got is my television and they have taken it,” said 63 year old Mr Keen, of Six Acres, Hemel Hempstead.

He is locked in a row over noise with his neighbour and council officials have stepped in to put an end to it.

But Mr Keen, who is on anti-depressant medication, feels he is being treated unfairly.

“I’m getting to the stage where I literally can’t take anymore,” he said.

“To take the television is a step too far.

“Sometimes my music has been loud but it has not been loud during the night. I’m not making myself out to be innocent but during the day I can’t see a problem, it has not gone on late at night.

“They can do what they like with my music system but to take my television, my only enjoyment is a step too far.”

Dacorum Borough Council’s team leader for environmental health Nicholas Egerton said they usually take an informal approach where possible to resolve noise complaints in the borough.

But if the problem persists then legal action is taken.

“Before serving a noise nuisance notice the environmental health department will establish that there is, or is likely to be, a statutory nuisance – a noise that is thought to have a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of those affected,” said Mr Egerton. “Once a notice is served we try to witness any breach of the notice.

“Where a breach is witnessed we can prosecute offenders.

“Where it is considered that the noise is serious we will apply to the court for a warrant to enter and seize noise-making equipment (like stereos and TVs).

“Upon prosecution, we will also ask the courts for a forfeiture order for the equipment, allowing us to permanently confiscate the equipment.”