‘You can go on the list, but you won’t get home’

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Council housing chiefs are proposing to tightly ration its precious stock, and bluntly telling some people waiting for a home that they have no chance of roof over their heads through the local authority.

They also want to persuade people living in houses with too many bedrooms to downsize to more appropriate properties and let families with greater need take their place.

There are about 6,000 people on Dacorum Borough Council’s housing register, many of whom have “no reasonable chance of being housed.” The council is proposing to advise people to find other housing options.

Whether people get a property is dependent on the points they have. The council believes changes to the points awarded to some applicants will help it support people with local connections who have the greatest need for housing.

The council’s consultation says: “We are promoting downsizing by increasing the points given to people under-occupying to help free up family homes.”

The council is also proposing to have two housing registers and will write to people to tell them which one they are on. There will be and active register and a deferred register. People on the deferred register will be told in no uncertain terms that they will need to consider alternative housing options.

Andrew Liversidge, manager of Dacorumn housing charity DENS, said the move could help people recognise that they have “zero chance” of getting housing. “This deferred list is one way of saying they haven’t got an earthly. The problem is there aren’t enough homes to go round.”

You can respond to the consultaton at www.dacorum.gov.uk/consultation.