Hemel MP Mike Penning backs suspension of Parliament

HH26'DS'MP Mike Penning in his Hemel Hempstead office.
HH26'DS'MP Mike Penning in his Hemel Hempstead office.

Boris Johnson is helping democracy by suspending Parliament, according to MP Mike Penning.

The Hemel Hempstead Conservative MP, who has long been a Eurosceptic, firmly backed the Prime Minister.

He said that it was other MPs who had “completely undermined” democracy by failing to implement Brexit.

Mr Penning said: “I am not immune to the suggestion that this is designed to prevent MPs debating Brexit, but the only thing that completely undermines our democracy is Parliament’s continuing failure to honour the referendum result and for the UK to leave the EU.

“I know from my own constituency postbag people are increasingly angry that, after having been given a say on our future in the EU, MPs who have been elected on a manifesto pledge to honour the result are repeatedly using Parliamentary process to attempt to overrule the result.

“It cannot continue indefinitely.”

The Prime Minister had previously he was “not attracted” to the idea of proroguing Parliament, two months before he decided to prorogue Parliament.

Mr Johnson has also said that the chance of a no-deal Brexit was “a million to one against”.

Mr Penning backed the Prime Minister, although he added that the choice would then be between any deal that Mr Johnson negotiates, and crashing out of the EU without a trade deal.

He said: “Like The Prime Minister, I am still optimistic that we can leave the EU with a deal.

“The government is continuing to negotiate and the only way we are going to get a deal is if we make it clear to the EU that we are prepared to leave without one.

“If and when the government does secure a deal, there will be enough time for debate and for MPs to either support it or vote for a no-deal Brexit.”

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