Berkhamsted church youth group members lobby treasury minister David Gauke over top company tax tricks

David Gauke meets Sunnyside Church youth group June 2013
David Gauke meets Sunnyside Church youth group June 2013

Eight members of a youth group from Berkhamsted’s Sunnyside Church have lobbied South West Herts MP David Gauke to urge the government to end tax trickery by multinational companies.

They told Mr Gauke, who is also a treasury minister, that tax avoidance tactics are costing developing countries an estimated $160 billion every year – money that would be better spent on essential services such as schools and hospitals.

After a session led by Christian Aid about the impact of tax avoidance on the world’s poorest communities, the group was inspired to take action and arranged to speak with their MP about the issue.

Christian Aid believes that poor countries struggle to access the information needed to counteract tax avoidance by multinational companies.

The youth group asked Mr Gauke how he aims to encourage greater disclosure of information and what measures the government is taking to support developing countries in recouping tax revenue they are owed.

Group member Naomi Pyburn said: “Our generation is responsible for shaping the future of our world, so it is vital, as young people, to get political and take action against injustice.

“How can we expect David Gauke to be our voice if we don’t tell him what issues we are passionate about?”

Fellow group member Callum Scott added: “If you want to be listened, get involved.”

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