Politician backs 20mph roll-out – but says it should also stretch down Tring High Street

Nick Hollinghurst.
Nick Hollinghurst.

A Tring politician is backing plans for new county-wide 20mph speed limits in residential areas and around schools – but says they should go further.

Councillor Nick Hollinghurst says they should also stretch down the town’s High Street, bringing it into line with neighbouring area Berkhamsted.

He said: “Pedestrians will feel more confident about crossing the road and there will be a generally calmer atmosphere.

“It works very well in Berkhamsted – I see no reason why it should not work in Tring. I think Tring missed out by not having a 20mph in its shopping area at the same time that Berkhamsted had its one introduced.”

He said that Department for Transport figures show that lower speed limits attract more shoppers. It would also cut pollution in the area.

Mr Hollinghurst said that traffic in Frogmore Street, near Tring High Street, is ‘dangerous’ at the moment.

There is an entrance and exit to a car park on that road and it is also regularly used by lorries taking deliveries to nearby shops.

It is also home to Bishop Wood C of E School, which teaches pupils aged seven to 11.

Mr Hollinghurst said: “I think people are quite nervous at the moment about cars.

“The whole point is to have a general atmosphere that is more conducive to shopping.”

Mr Hollinghurst said the expansion of 20mph zones in residential areas of Tring should begin in the western area of the town, around Longfield Road.

The street is already part of a ‘playing out’ scheme, where it is closed to traffic from 2pm to 4pm on the third Sunday of every month.

The event gives children the chance to play in the road without disruption from vehicles, which are banned from using the road between those times.

The scheme led neighbours in the area to call for more 20mph speed limits, said Mr Hollinghurst.