Police say: ‘We will visit more crime victims’

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POLICE have pledged that they will attend 4,000 more crimes in the next financial year than they do during the current one.

Next year, police will aim to attend two thirds of crimes they are called about.

David Lloyd, chairman of Herts Police Authority, said: “The public rightly expect to see a police officer when they have been a victim of crime.

“This provides reassurance but also aids investigation and the provision of crime prevention advice.

“As crime continues to fall in the county a stronger focus on victims is entirely appropriate.”

The force’s attendance policy has been expanded to include more victims from vulnerable groups and those who are repeat victims.

Chief constable Andy Bliss said: “Having fewer crimes in Hertfordshire frees up time for officers to attend and investigate more crimes. These actions should lead to an even better service and increased detections that will bring down crime levels further.”