Police patrols stepped up as fuel thieves causing costly damage strike again in Hemel Hempstead

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Another spate of damaging fuel thefts from cars in Hemel Hempstead has prompted police to step up their presence in the worst-hit neighbourhoods.

Officers are investigating the series of thefts of petrol from vehicles in the town’s Boxmoor and Chaulden areas, in which it is believed crooks are drilling their way into petrol tanks and draining the contents.

Det Insp Justine Jenkins said: “We have increased police patrols in Boxmoor and Chaulden in order to prevent further incidents and identify the offenders.

“The offenders have to get underneath the vehicles to access the fuel tanks, and are using a drill or a screwdriver to make the holes, before syphoning off the contents into a container.

“The crimes leave the vehicles off the road for a few days while they are being fixed, and it can cost the victim anywhere between £250 and £600 to repair.

“They are mainly taking place during the night so I would ask anyone who is usually around during this time, such as taxi drivers or people who work late at night, to please be vigilant and contact us if they witness any suspicious activity.”

Two vehicles were targeted in Jocketts Road, Chaulden, overnight on Sunday, March 2, while another car in neighbouring Lucks Hill was hit during the same period.

Three vehicles were also targeted in The Poplars, Boxmoor, overnight last Wednesday.

If you see anyone carrying a petrol can or tampering with the underneath of a vehicle, or know of anyone selling or storing fuel locally, call police on the non-emergency number 101.