Police offer advice as catalytic converter crooks strike in Hemel Hempstead

Catalytic converter marking kits.
Catalytic converter marking kits.

Catalytic converter thieves continue to strike across Herts, with two cars targeted in Hemel Hempstead on Saturday.

The crimes have prompted police to issue safety guidelines about preventing your vehicle from being tampered with, after a blue VW Sharan and a black Seat Alhambra both had the device stolen while they were parked in St John’s Road.

It is believed the crooks struck at some point between 8.50am and midday on the hard standing opposite Boxmoor Hall.

PCSO Lee Jevon said: “Criminals continue to target catalytic converters across the county. Consider property marking yours as it is cheap and may reduce your insurance.

“You can also buy clamps to secure your catalytic converter to your vehicle and get marking kits which are an effective deterrent against catalytic converter theft.”
PCSO Jevon also advised parking in a well-lit area and avoiding parking your car or van half on the pavement, which makes it easier for thieves to get underneath.

If you saw anyone tampering with or appearing to fix a car in the St John’s Road area during the specified times on Saturday, call police on 101.