Planning row over fence is just tip of the iceberg

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PLANS to fence off a field have sparked fears that the land could be earmarked for future development.

Tring Town Council’s planning committee refused proposals for a post and wire fence on land between the Wendover arm of the canal and Icknield Way at a meeting on Monday, December 19.

It is the second time that an application has been submitted for a fence around the privately-owned field that lies in the Green Belt and has not been earmarked for any development in the borough’s plan.

The applicant Waterside Way Sustainable Planning has fierce resistance from neighbours, who voiced concerns that they would lose a footpath and the land could be developed into a housing estate.

Their concerns have come from the company advertising and selling plots of the land and telling its buyers that they could make pots of cash if the land was developed.

Its brochure states that subject to reallocation of Green Belt land and a planning award, a development of 350 homes was viable.

Planning committee member Nigel Nutkins said: “If the land was owned by a farmer with no plans to develop it we wouldn’t be so suspicious.”