Planning bulletin: Dacorum Borough Council, published November 9, 2013


Recent details of applications made to Dacorum Borough Council for planning permission to carry out development include the following proposals.

4/01623/13/Fha, Single Storey Rear Extension. Replacement Garage And Single Storey Side Extension With Lantern Rooflight And Two Rooflights To Rear Pitched Roof, 5 Meadow Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 1Ea

4/01832/13/Ful, Single Storey Rear Extension To Commercial Unit, 64 Western Road, Tring, Hp23 4Bb

4/01934/13/Tca, Works To Trees, 338 High Street, Berkhamsted, Hp4 1Ht

4/01944/13/Fulm, Conversion Of Property From Business (Class B1) To Two-Bed Dwelling (Class C3). Demolition Of Single Storey Store To Create Additional Amenity Space, Quill House, 91 High Street, Markyate, Al3 8Jg

4/01957/13/Ful, Construction Of A Detached Two Storey Dwelling With Associated Parking And Amenity Area (Amended Scheme), Anchor Cottage, The Driveway, Anchor Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Nt

4/01963/13/Fha, Single Storey Rear And Side Extension, Loft Coversion, Hip To Gable, Rear Dormer And Alterations, 15 Roughdown Avenue, Hemel Hempstead, Hp3 9Bh

4/01970/13/Fha, Demolition Of Existing Garage,Workshop,Store And Contruction Of Part Single Part Two Storey Side Extension, 34 Green End Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Qr

4/01971/13/Lbc, Demolition Of Existing Garage, Workshop, Store And Contruction Of Part Single Part Two Storey Side Extension

34 Green End Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Qr

4/01972/13/Mfa, Construction Of Storage/Distribution Warehouse (B8) And Resaurant/Takeaway (A3/A5) With Associated Parking And Landscaping, 47 Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead, Hp2 4Sg

4/01975/13/Fha, Alterations To Doors And Windows To Rear Elevation. New Doors To Rear Elevation And First Floor Balcony, 16 Silverthorn Drive, Hemel Hempstead, Hp3 8Bu

4/01977/13/Tpo, Works To Sycamore Tree, 23 Kendale, Hemel Hempstead, Hp3 8Nn

4/01982/13/Drc, Details Of Hard And Soft Landscaping, Materials For The External Surfaces Of The Garage Green Roof And Written Scheme Of Investigation For Archaeological Implications As Required By Conditions 4, 7 And 8 Of Planning Permission 4/00496/13/Fha (Two Storey Front Side And Rear Extensions, Single Storey Side Extension, Basement And New Garage), 23 Castle Hill, Berkhamsted, Hp4 1He

4/01984/13/Fha, First Floor Rear Extension And Loft Conversion With Two Front Dormers, 124 High Street, Markyate, Al3 8Jz

4/01991/13/Lde, Front Porch, Single Storey Rear Extension And Loft Conversion With Rear Dormer Window, 124 High Street, Markyate, St. Albans, Al3 8Jz

4/01994/13/Tpo, Works To Ash Tree, 99 High Street, Tring, Hp23 4ab

4/01995/13/Fha, Single Storey Rear Extesion And Change Of Existing Crown Roof To Flat Roof, 11 Gravel Hill Terrace, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Rh

4/01997/13/Ful, Change Of Use From Agricultural Land To Outdoor Dog Day Care Service (Sui Generis), Land At Upper Bourne End Lane And Opposite Driving Range, Bourne End Lane, Hemel Hempstead

4/01999/13/Hpa, Single Storey Rear Extension Measuring 6m Deep With A Maximum Height Of 2.8m And A Maximum Eaves Height Of 2.5m, 75 Sawyers Way, Hemel Hempstead, Hp2 4Dz

4/02000/13/Fha, Rear Dormer Window, 122 Western Road, Tring, Hp23 4Bj

4/02001/13/Fha, Two Storey Front Extension, 38 Austins Mead, Bovingdon, Hp3 0Ju

4/02002/13/Tca, Remove Ash Tree And Works To Three Lawson Cypress Trees, Martlets, The Common, Chipperfield, Wd4 9Bs

4/02005/13/Fha, Side Roof Extension With One Front And One Rear Dormer Window To Create Further First Floor Accommodation, Single Storey Side Extension And Single Storey Rear Extension, 62 Bridgewater Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 1Jb

4/02008/13/Tpo, Works To Beech Trees, 35 Beechwood Park, Hemel Hempstead, Hp3 0Dy

4/02009/13/Fha, Loft Conversion And Rear Dormer (Amended), 101 Horsecroft Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Px

4/02010/13/Tca, Fell Black Pine Tree, 8 Louisa Cottages, Park Road, Tring, Hp23 6as

4/02011/13/Ldp, Move Conservatory From Rear To Side Of Property, 23 Mountfield Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hp2 5Dx

4/02012/13/Fha, Partial Conversion Of Garage For Storage, External Door And Velux Window, 9 Piccotts End Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hp2 6Jh

4/02013/13/Ful, Nine Two-Bedroom Apartments And 49 Car Parking Spaces With Associated Landscaping, (Block H) Junction Of Cotterells And Station Road, Hemel Hempstead

4/02014/13/Sce, Demolition Of Buildings And Construction Of A New Three Storey Building, Separate Sports Hall, Provision Of Multi-Use Games Areas, Additional Car Parking And Landscaping, Kings Langley School, Love Lane, Kings Langley, Wd4 9Hn

4/02016/13/Cma, Construction Of Single Storey, Three Classroom Building, Additional Staff Parking And New Pedestrian Entrance To Pre-School, Potten End First School, Church Road, Potten End, Hp4 2Qy

4/02022/13/Fha, Single Storey Rear Extension, Broadlands, Sheethanger Lane, Felden, Hp3 0Bg

4/02023/13/Fha, Hip To Gable Extension, Loft Converstion With Front And Rear Dormers, Single Storey Rear Extension To Garage, 37 Cemmaes Court Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Su

4/02025/13/Fha, Single Storey Front Extension, 33 Crossfell Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hp3 8Rg

4/02027/13/Tpo, Works To Cedar Tree, 10 Barncroft Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Nl

4/02028/13/Ldp, Garage Conversion, 37 Long View, Berkhamsted, Hp4 1By

4/02031/13/Tpo, Fell Six Norway Maple, 4 Chestnut Close, Potten End, Hp4 2Ql

4/02032/13/Fha, Loft Conversion With Rear Dormer, 12 Kitsbury Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Eg

4/02033/13/Tpo, Fell Three Norway Maples, 4 Chestnut Close, Potten End, Hp4 2Ql

4/02034/13/Fha, Two Storey Side Extension, Blue Hayes, Leverstock Green Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hp3 8Lr

4/02035/13/Tpo, Fell Oak Tree, 8 Poets Chase, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 3Rn

4/02038/13/Drc, Details Of Sustainability As Required By Condition 3 Of Planning Permission 4/01255/13/Ful (Change Of Use Of First Floor From Commercial To Three One-Bed Flats With Parking And Amenity Space), Ian Rennie Hospice At Home, 52A Western Road, Tring, Hp23 4Bb

4/02041/13/Tpo, Works To Trees, Lane End House, Shootersway Lane, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Np

4/02043/13/Fha, Rear Extensions (Amended Scheme), 35 Ringshall Road, Ringshall, Hp4 1Nd

4/02044/13/Nma, Amendment To Permission 4/01458/13/Fha Single Storey Rear Extension And Removal Of Existing Conservatory, The Old Post Office, The Street, Chipperfield, Wd4 9Bj

4/02047/13/Tca, Works To Trees, Beaney, Little Gaddesden, Hp4 1Pe

4/02049/13/Fha, Two Storey Rear Extension And Parking Bay, 25 Abbots Rise, Kings Langley, Wd4 8Ar

4/02050/13/Ldp, Loft Conversion With Rear Dormer, 21 Herbert Street, Hemel Hempstead, Hp2 5Hp

4/02052/13/Tca, Works To Trees, 6 North Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Du

4/02055/13/Tpo, Works To Horse Chestnut Tree, 2 Evans Way, Tring, Hp23 5Uj

4/02056/13/Tpo, Works To Giant Redwood, 2 Felden Drive, Felden, Hp3 0Bd

4/02058/13/Fha, Demolition Of Existing Garage, Construction Of Two Storey Front Extension, Single Storey Side Extension, Porch And Relocation Of Vehicular Access, Shantock House, Shantock Lane, Bovingdon, Hp3 0Ng

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