Teenage Berkhamsted rockers raise the bar with Al Murray in Edinburgh


A group of indie rockers got the opportunity of a lifetime when they shared the stage with comedy legend Al Murray.

Berkhamsted band Mandy Melon, which only got together seven months ago, performed in front of sell-out crowds at Edinburgh Fringe Festival as a support act for the Pub Landlord.

And among their many plaudits was the funny man himself.

Al Murray, who is a big punk rock fan, said: “Mandy Melon may sound as though they might be soft and fruity but they’re quite the opposite.

“With fire in their belly and rock ’n’ roll in their sights, this quartet of youngsters can’t half play.”

Bassist Django Jakszyk, 17, said his band’s remarkable stint with Al came about through his dad and King Crimson lead rocker Jakko.

The West Herts College student said: “My dad became friends with Al Murray and one night he showed him photos of our band.

“Al thought we looked like The Beatles in Hamburg and he was interested to hear what we sounded like.”

After performing demos, the comedian offered the band a chance to support his Edinburgh set.

And the eenagers went on to perform 10 shows with the Pub Landlord, in front of 500-capacity crowds.

Django added: “It was amazing to perform with him and we got to see his comedy every night.

“The crowd’s reactions to us were great especially near the end of the shows which was really nice for us to see.

“Our friends and family were thrilled for us.”

Mandy Melon will be back on stage at Berkofest on September 7.

Also in the line-up is Shane Lamont & The Warriors, Vegas Girls, Planet Funk, Honey Ryder, Berkhamsted Big Band, and comedian Rob Ince.

The event will be taking place at Ashlyns Hall Estate.

For tickets visit www.berkofest.com