Hertfordshire Police encourage people to join volunteer service to help others following the coronavirus outbreak

Police remind the public maintain their own personal safety when looking to help others

Hertfordshire Police is encouraging people who want to provide support to the elderly or vulnerable to volunteer with North Herts Centre for Voluntary Service (NHCVS).



Volunteers for #TeamHerts at NHCS are working in partnership with Hertfordshire County Council to support those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Officers have been made aware of several social media based groups and initiatives being set up across the county, to help provide support to vulnerable or affected individuals following the outbreak.

On a post the Hertfordshire Police (Herts Police) it says: "We commend the community spirit and kindness at this difficult time, however we want the people who are taking part in this to take care and not to forget to maintain their own personal safety – both in terms of their own health, and online safety and security.

"Unfortunately there are individuals out there who may take advantage of situations like this for their own personal gain.

"We fully appreciate that people may be wanting to support those in need at this time and we would never discourage people from doing so, but we would like to remind everyone to please be wary about where you are posting your personal details, and who you are sharing them with.

"If you would like to provide help or support, we would suggest making contact with your elderly neighbours – who you already know – and giving them your mobile number and letting them know you are there for help should they need it.

"This will reduce the chances of them accepting help from a stranger who may turn out to be an opportunist, confidence trickster or thief."

If you are interested in volunteering for #TeamHerts, click here.

> If you do have concerns, you can report them online or call Hertfordshire Police on 101.