Extinction Rebellion Dacorum take action at Moor car park

Local rebels from Extinction Rebellion Dacorum visited the car park in Berkhamsted on Saturday, February 22

The group wanted to reclaim the temporary Moor car park for nature and the community, they removed the fencing, piled it in a corner and enclosed it before hanging up a banner, '£200,000 wasted on destroying our Moor'. The temporary car park has rarely been operational due to flooding.

Rebels from Extinction Rebellion Dacroum removed the fencing and displayed a banner at Moor car park

Rebels from Extinction Rebellion Dacroum removed the fencing and displayed a banner at Moor car park

Extinction Rebellion Dacorum criticised Dacorum Borough Council for spending money on the project.

A spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion Dacorum said: "Dacorum Borough Council wasted at least £200,000 on this ill-fated project and refused to listen to those who not only foresaw these problems but were appalled that Dacorum Borough Council pushed ahead with the new multi-storey car park.

"Lower Kings Road already has the poorest air quality in town and this will deteriorate further with more traffic. We are living through a climate crisis which demands a more sustainable solution.

"We cannot continue to prioritise car parking over health, wellbeing and the future of our children. Instead we need regular, low-carbon public transport and safe cycling.

"Our survival demands that we protect green spaces and encourage biodiversity – not destroy them.

"Yet now there is a proposal to build a school on beautiful woodland at the top of Bridle Way and another to cover East Meadow with Astroturf.

"As a movement committed to averting climate breakdown, we say enough is enough. So we reinstated the canal field as best we could and call on Dacorum Borough Council to swiftly and thoughtfully complete the task.

"We plan other positive, non-violent direct actions should the Council continue to make decisions that are inconsistent with Parliament’s Climate Emergency declaration. No more mistakes. It’s time for change."

The group have also called for the council to promote cycling, walking and cleaner, better bus travel.

Berkhamsted Town Council's Councillor Paul de Hoest said: "As an individual Green Councillor I support XR peacefully highlighting the climate and ecological crisis which we now face and I support the demand to prioritise healthy and community forms of transport over encouraging ever more car use.

"Just replacing endlessly growth of dirty fossil fuel cars with electric cars is not enough: we need fewer cars and those we have should be electric.

"I support the demand to promote natural habitats wherever possible and the rehabilitation of the Moor is a great place to start by sensitively including additional trees and wild flowers."

A spokesperson for Dacorum Borough Council said: “Re-instatement works at the Moor will begin in March/April subject to weather/ground conditions being appropriate to bring machinery onto site.

"The re-instatement works will take approximately three to four weeks to complete. This will be followed by an establishment period of approximately three months.

"During the establishment period, the area will remain fenced-off for health and safety reasons, and to protect the re-instatement works.

"We look forward to re-instating The Moor to its natural state."