‘Park properly, or pay the price,’ Tring parents told

Nick Hollinghurst.
Nick Hollinghurst.

Parking problems posed by parents near a school entrance is causing neighbours, pedestrians and young pupils to fear for their safety.

Tring Town Council clerk Michael Corry revealed at a recent meeting that he has had multiple complaints about the issue.

And drivers have been warned in a newsletter from Goldfield Infants’ and Nursery School about the problems caused by their behaviour.

It says: “We understand that some parents have to drive children to school. However, please remember to park with care well away from the school grounds.

“Governors, parents and residents are concerned that parking so near to the school is causing difficulties for those who walk, and a number of dangerous incidents have been reported.

“Local police are monitoring the situation and have informed us they will issue parking tickets.”

Some parents have given photographs of the badly parked cars to headteacher Debbie Stevens, who then publishes them to the whole school.

Mr Corry said that the problems centre around the residential Goldfield Road, where there is an entrance to the school.

Herts county councillor for Tring Nick Hollinghurst is lobbying to have new double yellow lines or zig-zag school ‘keep clear’ signs painted on the street to prevent parking.

There are plans to improve the footpath across the recreation ground between the school and Miswell Lane and to reduce the speed limit in nearby Christchurch Road to 20mph.

There will also be a new zebra crossing on Miswell Lane under the proposals by County Hall.

Mr Hollinghurst said: “There is a genuine problem and we must take serious steps to make it all safer.

“We have to make children and parents confident about walking and cycling to school to get cars off the road, which then makes it safer still. It’s win win, really.

“There is a risk of accidents on the road that we need to reduce. I do not think anybody’s been run over or anything like that, and we certainly do not want that to happen.”

He said the parked cars make it difficult for children and parents to see when they can cross the road safely.

He said: “It’s been getting steadily worse as cars seem to be getting larger and there seem to be more cars on the road, so it’s been slowly building up over the years.”

Charlotte Anderson, 22, said cars are often blocked in because of poor parking in the cul-de-sac part of Goldfield Road where she lives.

Mrs Stevens said: “I think all schools do have this issue, but some of the roads around our school are very small and that’s where the issue lies.”

She said Goldfield has in the past been awarded for its travel planning, where parents are urged to walk instead of drive to school with their children.

It also organises drive and stride events, where parents are asked to park in the town centre and walk to school from there.