Panicked pensioner thanks delivery boy for his help in Hemel Hempstead

An elderly woman recovering from heart surgery says she wants to thank the newspaper delivery boy who helped her out of a precarious situation.

Frances Cooper, 85, of Jocketts Road, Hemel Hempstead, lost all power to her home and was left without the use of her stairlift, emergency cord or telephone. When she found her neighbours’ homes empty, she spotted a school-age boy delivering the Gazette’s sister paper the HeraldExpress and called to him for help. Some of his family helped to get the power back up and running.

Ms Cooper, who had just returned home from having a pacemaker fitted, said: “I had lost any means to contact the outside world, and was starting to get myself in a panic.

“I only know his name was Ryan, but I want him to know how much of a help he was to me. I feel he needs recognition – you don’t hear much of that sort of thing these days.”