Pair’s 3,000-mile charity trip to Mongolia in 1.1-litre car

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THE man who flipped his car onto its roof after swerving to avoid a fox will attempt a 3,000-mile fundraising drive with his buddy.

Dan Baker, 21, from Amersham, had the accident a few years ago - but says his driving has improved a lot since then.

That’s good, because him and chum Alex Keast, 24, from High Street, Berkhamsted, will drive to Mongolia from July 21.

The pair will go through Europe, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Russia before reaching their final destination in The Mongol Rally.

London salesman Alex said: “It should be awesome.

“It is just a crazy journey through some amazing countries, and we should raise a lot of money for charity from it.”

Student Dan added: “You get stuck into living your life in a routine way, and if you can break out of the monotony, it broadens your mind a little bit.”

The two have bought a 1.1-litre silver Toyota Yaris, made in 2002, for the rally - where participants can only drive cars that have a 1.2-litre engine or less.

Donate to the pair, who are fundraising for Christine Noble’s Children’s Foundation, at They have raised £500 so far.

The charity was set up to look after underprivileged children, including those in Third World countries.